Event Request

To reserve equipment for an official college event, please complete the form available at the following link (we no longer accept any event requests by phone or email):


Event Request


In order to serve your computer and audiovisual needs for events, please submit your request no later than one week before the event. Last-minute requests will only be met if there is time and if resources are still available after all other requests have been filled. You will be notified well in advance if your request cannot be filled.

We no longer deliver any equipment to any location on campus. We encourage you to reserve a room for your event that already has the necessary equipment installed. If you need additional equipment for your event, please indicate your needs in the form above. Once you have submitted your event request form, you may stop by the Academic Technology Support room in the basement of Benedict to pick up your equipment. You must have a valid campus I.D. card with you to check out any equipment.

Please note that Academic Technology Support does not provide any equipment or support for The Florence Elston Inn & Conference Center.

Event Request Instructions

The event request form is being hosted in a Moodle course we created. When you go to the link above, it will ask you to log in to your Moodle account. Go ahead and enter your Moodle username and password (If you don’t have a Moodle account yet, just enter your SBC email username and password, and follow the instructions here to create your account). It will then ask you if you want to enroll in the course. Click the "Yes" button. You will then see the event request form which you can fill out and submit.