TimeToMeet Scheduling

One of the hardest parts about offering training workshops is finding a convenient date and time to hold the session. Everyone has a busy schedule, especially on a college campus. That's why we now use a system where you can help tell us when to hold the classes. We're using a special scheduling software called TimeToMeet that enables you to let us know when you are available for training. We can then look at all responses to find a common time to schedule training.


Directions for using the TimeToMeet scheduling software


1) The week prior to training, a campus-wide email will be sent describing the topic for next weeks training sessions. If you're interested in receiving training for that topic, simply contact the Academic Technology Trainer via phone or email.


2) You will then receive an email message from TimeToMeet sent by Tom Marcais. In this message will be details about the training class and a range of dates that the class could potentially be scheduled for. Please DO NOT reply to this email, as this will defeat the purpose of the schedluing software. Instread, if you are interested in attending this class simply click on the hyperlink provided to submit your available times and preferences:

Time To  Meet.

3) When you click on the hyperlink, you will be directed to a page similar to the following:

Time to  Meet 2

On this page, first, click on the box of instructions that appears in the center of the calendar. You can then "paint" in your available times for the training, by moving your curor over the calendar, and clicking and draging over the times that you could potentially meet. Don't worry if you already see boxes in the calendar section... that just means that someone else has already indicated that they can meet during those times. You can select times that overlap, or you can pick your own times as well.


4) When you have finished making your selections, press the "Send Reply" button at the bottom of the page. Your times will be recorded, and the software will determine the best time to hold training sessions based on your responses in combination with other respondants:

Time to  Meet 3

DO NOT add any text in the "Add a message" section, since that would send the message to everyone at SBC. Instead, if you need to contact the trainer, please compose a message to [email protected] directly through your own email program.


5) Finally, once the deadline for responding has passed, the trainer will schedule one or more training sessions based upon the responses. All SBC students, staff and faculty will be notified of the training sessions via a campus-wide email We hope that this new method of scheduling training will enable us to better meet the demands of the hectic schedules that we all endure in an academic envrionment.


If you need any clarification on the procedure stated above, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.


Tom Marcais
[email protected]
(434) 381-6542