Academic Computing offers training and consulting services to all Sweet Briar College students, faculty, and staff. We are here to help you learn how to make technology work for you. Here are just a few of the services we provide:


We offer training workshops for faculty, staff and students on a variety of topics including Web Design, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Access. Workshops are offered during the day and in the evening and are free. Classes are announced a week in advance via campus e-mail.

Classroom Training Sessions

Faculty members may request a special training session for their students on any supported software program. We will work with you on adjusting our workshops to fit your curriculum and class schedule.


Do you have a large project looming in the future that needs some special technological consideration? Maybe you need help planning a database, designing a website, or simply think there must be an easier way to complete tasks on your computer. We can help evaluate your goals and direct you to the resources you'll need to meet them. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Departmental Training

We can keep your staff up to speed with new technology and software programs. We’ll be glad to schedule a workshop to meet your deptartmental needs. Contact us to schedule a training workshop for your department.

Additional Help on Campus

If you are currently experiencing a problem with your computer and you need help identifying and solving it, try the Computer Services Help Desk at 434-381-HELP (4357) on campus or 434-381-6282 off campus.

For more information on the training services offered by Sweet Briar College's Academic Computing, contact Tom Marcais at [email protected] or 434-381-6542.