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Office of Alumnae and Development

The Alumnae and Development Office of Sweet Briar College is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. E.S.T. If you cannot find the information you need, please call our toll-free line and someone will assist you.

Mailing Addresses

Alumnae Relations & Development Office
PO Box 1057
Sweet Briar, VA  24595

Physical Addresses

Boxwood Alumnae House
134 Chapel Rd
Sweet Briar, VA  24595


(800) 381-6131


(434) 381-6132 


[email protected] (Alumnae Office)
[email protected] (Development Office)
[email protected] (Annual Giving Office)

Individual Staff Member
If you wish to speak with a specific staff member directly, click here for a staff directory, or call toll-free (listed above) to be transferred.


How to Connect with Us Online


Communications Channel


Additional Information and How to Explore

The official Alumnae Alliance web pages, which are part of the College’s  website

For posting and archiving Alumnae Alliance reference information and meeting minutes.



The Alumnae Alliance web pages include online forms to volunteer or submit ideas to the Alumnae Alliance for consideration.

General information about the SBC Alumnae Alliance:


SBC Alumnae Alliance Council meeting minutes:


To volunteer for our dynamically evolving Alumnae Alliance Working Groups and Subgroups:


To submit ideas for the Alumnae Alliance to catalog and consider. While not all ideas are feasible for immediate action, we are cataloging these ideas so as the college prioritizes topics, we have collected input.

Banner / Direct Emails and “The Briar Wire” e-newsletters

Banner is the official College Alumnae Directory.


The Briar Wire is the official Alumnae Alliance e-newsletter.

To update your contact information in the database, use the contact update submission forms at


Banner contact information is used by the College for direct email communications to all alumnae including distributing “The Briar Wire” e-newsletter. Targeted direct email communications, such as to Class Officers and Club Officers, is also coordinated using Banner information.


Note that “The Briar Wire” is also published online at


The official LinkedIn professional networking alumnae group consists of over 4,400 Sweet Briar alumnae, current students, faculty and staff.

You are encouraged to join the over 4,400 Sweet Briar alumnae, current students, faculty and staff connected for professional networking by requesting to join the SBC Alumnae LinkedIn Group at


Note: The Alumnae Alliance is using LinkedIn professional profiles and photos to build and update the “Sweet Briar Women in Career X” Series of e-Books. These e-books are profiles of alumnae who have excelled in various professions including STEM, business, law and government, non-profit organizations, education, and media and marketing. To see these e-books, and to add yourself to our amazing alumnae profiles collection, check out


We will use this social media platform to offer a potential solution of a “fully integrated digital networking environment” for its alumnae (across Banner, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

To explore Alumnifire, including posting or connecting about jobs and internships using your LinkedIn or Facebook login, see


Note that while LinkedIn and Facebook are more public environments, Alumnifire is intentionally more private to support trusted information sharing across our Sweet Briar community of users.


The official Alumnae Alliance Facebook page

You are invited to “like” this page, bookmark it in your “Favorites” and visit it frequently for updates.