Ecology, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

  • Morgan Franke ’12 is a Graduate Research Assistant of Invasive Plant Ecology at Virginia Tech.
  • Abbey Wilson ’12 is conducting research on giant panda chemical communication at Mississippi State University and the Memphis Zoo.
  • Doreen McVeigh ’09 is in a Ph.D. program in marine, earth and atmospheric science at NC State. In spring 2014, she went deep into the ocean in the DSV Alvin (photo on right).
  • Lauren Schwartz ’09 is in a Ph.D. program in plant biology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
  • Rebecca Penny ’08 is completing her Ph.D. in biology at Indiana University, in the evolution, ecology, and behavior program.
  • Kelly Robinson ’04 is a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Marine Science at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Physiology, Cell and Molecular Biology

  • Autumn Zack-Taylor ’11 completed her master’s degree in biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Amanda Wisz Keener ’08 is a Ph.D. candidate in microbiology and immunology at UNC Chapel Hill.
  • Five alumnae from ’03 completed their Ph.D.s: Stephanie Jefferson (neuroscience Ph.D. University of Florida, postdoctoral fellowship at U. Texas, Austin), Julia Schmitz (microbiology Ph.D. University of Alabama, postdoctoral fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill), Laurel Speilman Rodgers (cell biology and anatomy Ph.D. University of Arizona, postdoctoral fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill), Rita Thomas Brookheart (molecular cell biology Ph.D. Washington University, postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University) and Courtney Arnott Silverthorn (pharmacology Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University). They are now moving on to other academic positions. 
  • Brandi Whitley Hilder ’99 BMB is a principal clinical research manager at Array BioPharma Inc., managing clinical trials for oncology therapeutics. Brandi received her Ph.D. in cellular and molecular pathology from the UNC School of Medicine.
  • Gigi Ostrow ’96 is operations supervisor in the Molecular Pathology and Genomics Core at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. 



  • Laurel Speilman Rodgers ’03 is assistant professor of biology at Shenandoah University.
  • Julia Schmitz ’03 (right) is assistant professor of biology at Piedmont College in Athens, Ga., teaching human A&P, medical microbiology and introductory biology.
  • SBC alumnae teaching science in middle and high school include Emily Bates ’11, Va.;  Helen Phillips ’10, Va.; Ellena Bethea ’06, N.Y.; Lisa Moore Walton ’04, Tenn.; Salina Woodard ’03, Va..; Shannon O'Neill Beasley ’02, Va.; Erin Packard ’01, Utah; Andrea Capano ’99, Maine; Angela Walton ’99, Md..; Angelina Alongi ’00, Texas.


Health Careers

  • Kellner Pruett ’12 is in medical school at East Carolina University. Other alumnae attendeding medical school include Ashley Howard ’11, Laurel Sanders ’08, Kendra Hawkins Simpson ’07 and Stacey Maddox ’04 .
  • Jessica Cheverton Taylor ’09 is studying dentistry at VCU.
  • Lisa Ruffle 08 received her doctorate in optometry from SUNY College of Optometry and is in practice in New Jersey.
  • Nursing is a popular career for our alumnae, including Lorna Brod ’01, Serena Basten Kachinsky ’02, Brook Tucker Buck ’02, Anna Yankee ’03, Abby Adams ’06, Emily Burke ’06 and Carly Peoples ’11.
  • Tamara Himelright Helton ’05 is an outpatient physical therapist for Martha Jefferson Hospital. Annette Dusenbury ’97 is a physical therapist at the University of Virginia HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital. Leslie Price ’11 received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Lynchburg College.
  • Michi Krohn ’03 is a chiropractor in Alaska.
  • Jenny Smith ’03 is a genetic counselor.


Veterinary Medicine

  • Cara Cherry ’06 is starting a fellowship with the CDC-Epidemic Intelligence Service.   Cara received her DVM from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, served as a veterinary medical officer with the USDA APHIS Animal Care Division, and received her MPH from the University of Minnesota.
  • Other recent biology alumnae continuing to veterinary school include: Aly Booth ’13, Tribbie McKinnon ’12, Kelsey Hayden ’12, Allison Bergin ’12, Lisa Bethune ’11, Lindsey Davis ’10, Erin Aufox ’11, Madeleine MacIntire ’10, Amey Landreth ’10, Casey Pacheco ’09, Sarah Barta ’09, Jennifer Summerfield ’07, Kristy Bloxom ’07, Susan O'Brien ’06, Sarah Mouri ’06 and Lisa Wolff ’06.
  • Natasha Ungerer ’02 (right) completed her DVM in 2006 at NC State and is working in a small animal practice in Richmond, Va.
  • Regan Blackwood ’02 is in practice in Virginia at the Clifton-Centreville Animal Clinic. Biology major Emily Brooks ’15 is employed at Regan’s clinic during the summer.
  • Alumnae working as veterinary technicians, or in training, include Kim Rosenberg ’11, Megan Moncure ’11 and Jo Gormley ’07.


Business, Government, Industry and Law

  • Stephanie Basinger ’11 is an environmental project manager at Dominion Due Diligence Group.
  • Emily Davies ’11 graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center in July 2011 as an E-3 Seaman and joined a Coast Guard unit in Louisiana.
  • J. Waitt ’09 completed an M.S. in food science and technology at Virginia Tech, and is a canned food regulatory specialist for Registrar Corp.
  • Sara Rothamel ’09 completed her M.S. in applied ecology and conservation biology at Frostburg State University and is an environmental analyst II at Straughan Environmental in Columbia, Md.
  • Murphy Horne ’09 is an associate at a law firm in North Carolina. Murphy earned her J.D. at Wake Forest University, after completing double majors in biology and business at Sweet Briar.
  • EV Jensen ’08 is a wastewater treatment plant operator for the City of Lynchburg.
  • Anne Lojek ’08 works at Cyber Security Innovations. She completed an M.A. in  public policy, science and security at George Mason University. 
  • Christina Tannahill Biddle ’04 is a plant microbiologist with Anheuser-Busch.
  • Jessica Thistlethwaite Mooney ’04 is associate group leader, managing the cell culture labs at PPD (Pharmaceutical Product Development) in Richmond, Va. PPD is a contract research organization that analyzes samples for large pharmaceutical companies to expedite the FDA approval process. Jessica interviews and trains new employees, writes procedures and manages a group of more than a dozen cell scientists.
  • Kim Leach Burge ’00 owns Southern Chondros and is a breeder of green tree pythons. (Photo is of Rodney.)
  • Dawn Leary Schwarting ’95 is a forensic analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton.


If you are a biology or biochemistry and molecular biology alumna we haven't heard from recently, please email us with news about your postgraduate life. Send us web links, current job titles, email addresses and digital photos. If you are interested in corresponding with current students about careers, and especially if you are able to supervise internships or summer jobs, please let us know this as well. We would love to hear from more of our alumnae from earlier years!