Accounts Payable


Email: [email protected]                                       Fax: 434-381-6445

Duties of the Accounts Payable Office:

The Accounts Payable Office is responsible for researching and interpreting policies and regulations pertaining to College expenditures and reimbursements. The AP staff audits all payment and reimbursement requests before issuing payments in accordance with College and federal policies and regulations.  As part of the auditing process, the office is responsible for ensuring approprate documentation is in place for 1099 reporting and employee business expenses. The office is also responsible for ensuring travelers are following the IRS accountable plan rules so that travelers can be reimbursed without taxable income implications.


Check Run Schedule:

The Accounts Payable Office processes checks weekly.  Checks are run every Thursday and mailed on Friday morning.  During holiday weeks, or inclement weather, the check run schedule may be changed.  The campus community will be notified in advance when the schedule is changed.

Payment request must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Office no later than 5:00 pm on Friday to be included in the next week's check run. 

A petty cash form should be presented to the cashier for reimburesments of $50.00 or less.


Documentation Needed:

Original invoice or statement with invoice tickets attached.

Above should be coded with appropriate Banner account codes and have an authorized approval signature.

For payments a Payment Request Form should be completed (see Forms link below) in accordance with the College's Policy and Procedures (See Payment Reqeust Process link below)


Signatures on Expenditure Documents:

Each department is responsible for ensuring that only authorized individuals approve expenditure documents.  Authorized individuals should be restricted to department heads and/or responsible designated persons.  If the Department Head wants an individual other than her(him)self to have signing authority, the Department Head must complete a Delegation of Signing Authority Form and submit it to the Business Office.  All signatures on College documents must be originals or electronic; an individual signing another persons name and initialing it is unacceptable as is anyone using another persons electronic ID and password.  Signature stamps seriously weaken internal control of disbursements, and their use is strictly prohibited. 


Out of Turn Checks

The Accounts Payable office will make every attempt to process last minute requests with the regular check run. Out of turn checks processed separately from the normal check run will be subject to a $50.00 processing fee.

The Payment Request form must be properly completed and have Department Head Approval.


Payment Request Process

Delegation of Signing Authority

Payment to Non-Resident Aliens

Travel and Entertainment Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Moving Expense Reimbursement