The Business Minor
(21-22 semester hours)

BUSN 127    (4)    Accounting I
BUSN 205    (4)    Management and Human Resources
BUSN 150    (4)    Marketing and Social Media
BUSN 161    (3)    Commercial Law for Entrepreneurs
BUSN 210    (4)    Finance and Business Valuation

Choose 1 of the following courses:
BUSN 347    (4)    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
BUSN 410    (3)    Business Strategies for Entrepreneurs

NOTE: For the minor in business, the P/CR/NC grading option may not be exercised for any course which could count toward the major, with the exception of BUSN 261, BUSN 361, and BUSN 461. Additional information about the P/CR/NC grading option is available under the Academic Regulations heading of the catalog.