Activating the Emergency Alert System

Sweet Briar College has installed three outdoor siren units located on the roof of Guion, the Library and Prothro. In the event of an emergency that threatens the safety of persons on campus, the College may sound the Emergency Alert Sirens (EAS). The sirens are designed to be quite loud and distinct, and the sound will carry throughout the campus and should be easily heard by those outdoors or inside of a buildings. The sirens will be activated due to the following events:

Severe Weather
Severe weather is either a severe thunderstorm or tornado. During periods of severe weather, it is the responsibility of the campus security to have an officer monitoring weather conditions via the National Weather Service (NOAA). When a WARNING is issued by NOAA for Amherst County, Campus Security will begin the EAS activation procedure.

Other Campus Crisis
This includes: intruder alert, major fire emergency, and any other campus emergency. It is the responsibility of Campus Security to determine the type of emergency and the type of siren signal to activate. Once the EAS activation procedure has been done, Campus Security will contact necessary first responder emergency personnel followed by contacting members of the Crisis Response Team (CRT) listed on the phone tree.