Bicycle Registration/Regulations

Students, Faculty and Staff bringing bicycles to Sweet Briar College do so at their own personal risk.
Sweet Briar College cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bicycles brought to or left on campus.



  • All bicycles must be registered with the Department of Safety within one week of arrival on campus. Free bicycle stickers are available from the Department of Safety Office, located in the basement of the Fletcher building. Stickers are available - Sun. - Sat 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. A registration form will be provided and the following information is required for registration:

  • Date, Name, SS, Color, Make, Style, Where the bike will be stored on campus.
  • All bicycles must be equipped with red reflectors or red reflecting tape.

  • Any bicycle operated at night must be equipped with a headlight.

  • Parking:

    • At no time should a bicycle be parked on any part of the campus roads or walkways, nor on the arcades, nor in the public areas of the residence halls.

    • Students will be expected to park (and lock) their bicycles in racks provided for that purpose by the College at all times when not in use.

Virginia Code Section pertaining to bicycles:

    • ยง 46.2-800. Riding bicycles, electric personal assistive mobility devices, electric power-assisted bicycles, or mopeds; riding or driving animals.

      Every person riding a bicycle, electric personal assistive mobility device, electric power-assisted bicycle, moped, or an animal or driving an animal on a highway shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter and shall have all of the rights and duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle, unless the context of the provision clearly indicates otherwise.

Bicycles not claimed after students have left at the end of the academic year
will be sold or otherwise disposed of by Sweet Briar College.