Emergency Management Plan

These procedures are reviewed regularly and this document is updated annually and/or as needed. Each June the Crisis Response Team (CRT) reviews this plan and protocol; this process is initiated by the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Co-Curricular Life. This document was last updated in May 2013.

Download Complete Latest Emergency Management Plan (pdf)


Information Materials

Quick Reference Sheet for Campus Emergencies (posted in student residences and in College offices)

  • Emergency phones are located throughout the campus — they have a blue light above them to distinguish them from regular phones. Emergency phones connect to a dispatcher with the SBC Department of Safety.
  • Dial 6111 if there is an emergency. Dial 6144 to reach Campus Safety.
  • Report all strangers or suspicious activities to a Campus Safety officer by telephone or in person. Students are urged to be familiar with this information.
  • Sweet Briar is connected to e2Campus, a state-of-the-art communication system to quickly notify individuals in case of emergency, including weather-related events. This system is in use at a number of colleges and universities around the country.
  • e2Campus is a mass notification system that has the capacity to alert students, faculty, and staff with text messages on their cell phones. In addition to cell phones, e2Campus enables the College to send important campus information to students via our website, RSS, PDA, email, text pager, Google, AOL, or MyYahoo pages. Students are strongly encouraged to do so, but it is voluntary. The service is provided free of charge by Sweet Briar. Subscribers are responsible for messaging charges by their service provider. Persons will not receive messages for which they do not register and information is not shared with or sold to a third party. Students can enter up to two phone numbers and two email addresses. Students are strongly encouraged to include a family member as one of the contacts. Anyone with an SBC email account can opt into this service. Students will enroll in this service during Orientation. Alternately, to sign up, go to the mysbc.edu page (SBC email username and password required) and click “Campus Alert” at the top of the page and follow the easy instructions.
  • Although we hope we never have to use them, Sweet Briar College annually updates plans for a wide variety of potential disasters. In light of the damage that natural disasters have caused in this country during recent years, as well as international concern about pandemic outbreaks, it is important that the College have comprehensive plans in place that might include closing the campus entirely for a period of time. Therefore, we share the following information annually with students and families. 
  • Should we be faced with such an eventuality, the College would have little time to debate the matter, especially in the case of a pandemic. After consulting with governmental health agencies and our local health officials, we could conceivably enter immediately into a period of recess. Should that be necessary, we believe a carefully orchestrated response, as outlined will help protect your student and others in the community.
  • If it is determined that we have to close the College, the following are important measures to consider: (1) The College will send a recess notice to students via email, residence hall room voicemail, and through posted information on the website. It is each student’s responsibility to monitor these information sources regularly. (2) At the same time, the College will send e-mail notification to parent(s)/guardian(s) for whom we have a current e-mail address. (3) Students should be prepared to depart campus immediately and should only pack belongings which can easily be carried in a vehicle. The College will secure the residence halls. (4) We recommend that students return directly home. (5) If students are unable to travel home, she should contact the Office of Co-Curricular Life ((434) 381-6134) for help or advice on preparedness planning. This information should be updated with the College each year. (6) To aid in this process, we recommend that families discuss reasonable options during each semester break and develop a plan. (7) During a recess, important information will be available via email, the College’s homepage (www.sbc.edu), or by calling (434) 381-6400.
  • The office of Media, Marketing and Communications will advise the campus of any known potential emergencies and will continuously update students, parents, faculty and staff until the emergency is resolved. 

Should you have any further questions or concerns, you may contact Campus Safety ((434) 381-6144) for clarification and assistance.