Emergency Phone Locations & Residence Hall Security

    Emergency phones have been strategically placed throughout the campus. Upon picking up the receiver, you will be in immediate contact with the dispatcher at the SBC Department of Safety. When an emergency phone is activated, an officer is dispatched to investigate.

    A blue light above the phone boxes identifies the emergency phones. These phones may be found at the following locations:


  • Meta Glass Parking Lot, at the foot of the steps leading to Meta Glass Residence Hall.
  • Elijah Parking Lot, on the back corner on the Music Box Apartments.
  • Guion Parking Lot, on the east end of the Train Station.


    Additional phones are located around the campus for your safety. The phones listed below, do not automatically connect you with the Department of Safety, you must dial ext. 6144 to reach our office. Please dial ext. 6111 is there is an emergency.


  • Beside the front doors of Meta Glass, Dew, Reid, and Carson.
  • In the ground floor arcade between Manson and Randolf, and between Grammer and Reid.
  • At the foot of the stairs behind the Gym, by the tennis courts.
  • On the lower level of the Boathouse.
  • Dew - beside the entrance to the Chaplain's Office, off of the courtyard.
  • Laundromat,inside on the wall to fthe far left of the entrance.
  • Softball Field.
  • Inside Boathouse and downstairs & docks.
  • Art Barn.
  • Boathouse Road - Athletic Field -Roadside & Field.
  • Green Village - Unit # 4




  • Residence halls are locked at all times. 
  • Students are issued keys/ID access card to their residence hall/apt. 
  • Telephones are on the exterior of all residence halls.
  • Guests can use the telephone to call the person that they are visting to gain access to the building.