Emergency Response Yearly Plan

  1. Information sharing with students, parents, faculty and staff during the summer and at the beginning of each semester re: e2Campus emergency notification system and other College processes via e-newsletters and email (CCL/Residence Life—students; Human Resources—faculty and staff)
  2. Organization and implementation of the e2Campus emergency notification system occurs as outlined below (CCL/Residence Life)
  3. Updated emergency response procedures to CCL staff, including Resident Coordinators who serve in the primary on-call capacity to students during the academic year. 
  4. Emergency Procedures stickers posted campus-wide in all buildings in August, prior to the start of the academic year and students’ arrival (academic buildings: Dean’s office; student residences: Residence Life; all other College buildings: Campus Safety).  CCL/Residence Life coordinates the updating and printing of the stickers, in collaboration with the Emergency Response Planning Group
  5. Residence Life staff (RA’s and RC’s), CCL, and Campus Safety/Telecom re-train regarding campus emergency procedures annually and as needed
  6. Campus-wide announcement to students, parents, faculty and staff reinforcing information above (See also e2Campus yearly plan below)
  7. Fire drills occur once each semester in student residential living areas (CCL/Residence Life) and in administrative and academic buildings once/year (Campus Safety)
  8. Emergency siren testing occurs once each semester and other emergency equipment is tested regularly (Campus Safety)
  9. Review procedures and emergency manuals yearly (Emergency Response Planning Committee)
  10. Website information updating (Media, Marketing and Communication)
  11. Regular contact with Amherst County law enforcement and emergency management planning to maintain relationships, familiarize them with campus, and coordinate any on-site practice sessions (Campus Safety)
  12. Emergency Response Planning Group meets one each semester and as needed during the year to review and update procedures and processes (CCL and VP for Finance)

e2Campus Emergency Communication System Organizational Plan
e2Campus is used for special notifications about weather and for campus emergencies. These efforts are led and coordinated by the Director of Residence Life.


  • update CCL website to update instructions for/information about e2Campus
  • assess previous year and make adjustments as needed


  • include information in new student communication regarding e2Campus
  • emphasize personal responsibility for managing their account
  • include information directed at parents
  • gather cell phone numbers/providers for new students from Admissions office

July and August

  • include information in summer e-newsletters regarding e2Campus registration and verification

Late August/Early September

  • verify which new students signed up during Orientation;
  • send reminder to those who have not signed up and to all upper class/returning students
  • reminding them to sign up and/or verify their information


  • begin arrangements for new student sign up in January during Orientation


  • send reminder to returning students about e2Campus and encourage them to sign up and/or
  • verify their information
  • follow up with any new students who did not sign up during Orientation