Implementation and Function of the Crisis Response Team

Implementation of the Crisis Response Team
The Crisis Response Team will meet at the call of the chairs for incidents such as, but not limited to, natural disasters; death or serious injury of a member of the campus community; hazardous chemical spills; serious crimes against members of the campus community, or any major crises.

Function of the Crisis Response Team
The following are considered the minimum essential functions of the CRT and may be adjusted as the situations dictate

Short Term Functions

  • Gather facts, discuss options, recommend options, and do what is necessary for the comfort of the victim(s).
  • Provide the community, and the media if appropriate, with as many facts as possible as quickly as possible.

Long Term Functions

  • Provide support strategy for a victim(s) return to normal campus life.
  • Investigate an incident to its completion.
  • Assess liability exposure and develop a legal strategy if needed.
  • Evaluate the process at the conclusion of the incident to determine whether there were problems; recommend changes for future responses.
  • Develop follow-up educational programs for the community, as necessary.