Media Plan

The College administration believes that it is important to inform members of the College community and the media, as appropriate, of the facts surrounding a crisis situation in an effort to promote fact-based decision making and to prevent misinformation and rumors from creating a detrimental climate during and after the crisis.

The Director of Media, Marketing & Communications (MMC) will gather pertinent facts from members of the EMT and officials on the scene of a crisis, develop strategies for properly communicating this information, and make recommendations to the EMT, the College President, and town/county officials as appropriate.

The Director of MMC will meet with the EMT upon notification of a crisis.  After assessing the nature of the crisis, the director will implement the public relations plan below:

Initial Stages of the Crisis

  • Decide who will be the official spokesperson.
  • Draft a brief initial statement for the media.
  • Plan news conferences as appropriate, throughout the duration of the crisis. Locate and secure a room to serve as a media briefing center.
  • Assign photographer(s) as needed to document the crisis for the College.
  • Assign personnel to accompany media through the campus, as appropriate.
  • Arrange appropriate internal communication to the College community.
  • Brief Campus Safety staff about how to respond to telephone calls from outside the College.
  • Call in members of the MMC staff for support, as needed.
  • Monitor radio, TV, and other electronic media.


Follow Up Steps

  • Set up a file on the crisis; save all newspaper and taped television reports.
  • Maintain a chronology of the events surrounding the crisis.
  • When crisis is over, conduct follow up assessment of all activities undertaken by MMC.