Sample 911 and Emergency Email Messages

Draft messages for emergency test of campus sirens

Prior to the test
To Sweet Briar Students, Faculty and Staff:
The College routinely tests the emergency siren and campus alert system.  This will occur again on (insert date and time).  This is only a test. The emergency siren is a continuous 3 minute blast. When the siren sounds, stay where you are until you receive further information via the e2Campus emergency notification process on your cell phone, or by email or room phone. You will receive an all clear message via the same methods outlined above.  The all clear siren is an intermittent blast.  We take this opportunity to provide a brief summary of Sweet Briar’s emergency procedures:
(insert text from stickers)

Following the test
Thank you for your participation in the emergency test process.
You are encouraged to access information about the College’s emergency response procedures on the campus safety area of the website. If you are not enrolled in the e2Campus emergency notification system, you are strongly encouraged to do so. If you have further questions, please contact the Sweet Briar College Campus Safety office at (434) 381-6144.