15 Questions You Might Be Asked At An Interview


15 Possible Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about your most recent accomplishment.
  2. Describe your best boss or professor.
  3. When have you felt like giving up a certain job?
  4. What is the most useful job-related criticism you've ever received?
  5. What level of pressure are you willing to tolerate on a job?
  6. Tell me about any experiences you have had in turning a stagnant or failing situation into a success.
  7. What skills or qualities do you have that make you especially suited for this job?
  8. What do you believe is the proper balance between employee freedom and supervisor control?
  9. Tell me about a particularly difficult problem you were able to solve.
  10. If I had three of your colleagues here and three of your professors, how would they describe your analytical skills and your ability to get along with others?
  11. In what type of work environment do you feel the most productive?
  12. What are your short term professional goals?
  13. Are you competent and comfortable in taking limited information, developing alternative courses of action, and analyzing the consequences of each action?
  14. What is it about you that has made you successful thus far in your life?
  15. Tell me about your feelings and philosophy in regard to dependability, trustworthiness, loyalty, honesty, integrity, and commitment.