How to Help Students and Other Alumnae


Every alumna can help students network in some way. You know people and organizations in your community to whom you could refer students for information and assistance. You know, or can find out, about places for the student to live while she is in your area. If you have worked in a particular field, you can critique/refine a student's resume. You can be the catalyst for a student who is networking in your community, whether you have or have not been employed outside the home. You can be the all-important person who opens the doors; a student then can secure employment for herself. Sweet Briar depends on her alumnae as extensions of the College across the country and the world. We hope that you will want to join us in this exciting way to help students use their liberal arts education, to keep in touch with life on campus today, and to stimulate positive local reaction to Sweet Briar.

It is important for alumnae to know what students are being taught at Sweet Briar about the networking process and, therefore, what their expectations should be when they contact you for assistance.

  1. Most students will contact alumnae by mail first. When an alumna is telephoned, she should be asked whether it is a convenient time for her to talk or whether the student should call back later.
  2. Alumnae should not be asked for specific job information. The student should ask only for ideas, advice, or suggestions about people she should contact in that area of a career field.
  3. A student should provide a copy of her current resume to each of her alumnae contacts.
  4. Depending on the conversation, the student may ask an alumna to critique her resume.
  5. If an alumna provides information, the student should ask whether she can use the alumna's name when contacting those people she recommends.
  6. When an alumna helps a student with information and advice, she should be kept informed about the student's networking progress and thanked for her assistance.
  7. Alumnae should feel free to contact the Career Services Center about any student who call them for networking advice.