Sample Alumnae Cover Letter




Sweet Briar, VA 24595



Miss Mary Sweetbriar

Street Address

City, State Zip Code


Dear Miss Sweetbriar:


As a student at Sweet Briar College, graduating in May with a degree in _________, I am in the process of starting my job search for a career in ________, _________, and related fields. I received an alumnae list from the Career Services Center and selected your name as one of my contacts. In my previous experiences, I have found Sweet Briar alumnae to extremely helpful and friendly when I have searched for internships, jobs, or anything pertaining to Sweet Briar.


During my years at Sweet Briar, I have developed very good communication skills, and strengthened my creative abilities. I consider myself able to adapt well to different environments. I am socially active and try to contribute to other individual’s lives as well. I have worked at ________ on campus for _____ years and it has enabled me to work successfully with the faculty, staff, and student population. During my _________ year at Sweet Briar I participated in an internship at _________. It was a wonderful learning opportunity, which made me more interested in the _______ career field. I have also worked as a ________. I found it to be extremely rewarding and it was an excellent opportunity.


I would appreciate your advice on where I could find a job in ________ (geographic area) in the ________ fields. If you can suggest companies or departments you think I should be contacting, that would be greatly appreciated. Or, if you know of someone within these fields, would you please pass my resume on to that person, or provide their contact information to me so that I could contact them myself? I will be available to travel to different places for interviews or meetings.


I will call you within two weeks to talk to you about any opportunities you may suggest. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.




Suzie Rose