Degree Requirements

The Sweet Briar Degree


Degree Requirements

Sweet Briar College is a student-centered college that values student participation in a significant constellation of learning experiences.

If you choose to study at Sweet Briar, you are electing to come to a college of liberal arts and sciences where earning its degree requires a certain depth and breadth in your selection of courses. Working with your academic advisor, you will plan your academic program to cover required skills, experiences, and knowledge areas, as well as to fulfill your particular needs and interests.

Sweet Briar College confers three undergraduate degrees, the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Fine Arts. The Bachelor of Arts is available to all students; the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Arts may be elected if your major is in the departments of biology, chemistry, environmental studies, mathematical sciences, physics and engineering or psychology. These departments list the specific requirements for each degree in the Sweet Briar College Catalog. The Bachelor of Fine Arts is available to students admitted to the fine arts program.

All candidates for a degree must meet graduation requirements, complete the General Education Program requirements, and satisfy specific requirements for a major program. Each student is responsible for knowing the College's requirements and for planning an academic program to meet these requirements.

Graduation Requirements
To be eligible for a degree, a candidate must be enrolled as a full-time student (at least 12 academic credit hours) at Sweet Briar for a minimum of two years, including the senior year. Residence during the final year of the academic program is required except for students enrolled in a 3-2 program approved by the Faculty. The degree program is normally completed in four years. With the permission of the Eligibility Committee, an exceptionally qualified student may complete her degree program in as few as three years.

Each candidate must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours, of which at least 60 credit hours must be earned at Sweet Briar. These credits include General Education requirements and requirements for the major. Students must also successfully complete both FYS 101 (ARCHES I) and FYS 102 (ARCHES II) which are to be taken in the first and second semesters at Sweet Briar.

No student may count more than 51 credit hours in a single department toward the minimum requirements for a Sweet Briar degree. Courses taken to satisfy the first-year writing requirement do not count toward this 51-hour maximum. No more than 5 credits of PHED and/or RDPR courses with the general education designation of IV.3 will count toward the degree. Additional IV.3 courses in these departments may be taken but the credits above the maximum of 5 will not be applied toward the 120 credits required for a degree.

No more that 12 semester credit hours of internship/practicum credit may be counted toward a degree. No more that 18 semester credit hours of summer work may be counted toward a degree with the exception of students who have earned an Associate degree and transfer to Sweet Briar under an articulation agreement. These transfer students may have all Associate degree summer courses transferred according to the College’s transfer credit policy. Transfer students for whom 18 or more summer credits are accepted, will not be allowed to apply additional summer credits taken after they enroll at Sweet Briar.

A degree candidate must obtain both a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (the equivalent of a “C” average), and a minimum 2.00 grade point average in her major(s) subject(s), including all courses taken in the department that can count towards the major(s), as well as all other courses which are applied to the major(s) requirements as stated in the Catalog. Each senior must pass the senior culminating exercise in her major(s) as designated by each department. This culminating exercise must be taken at Sweet Briar College.

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