Physical Activity Requirement

It is through movement that the student explores her physical self, abilities, and limits. The process of discovery is as important as the end product, and may be experienced through organized sports, skills and fitness activities, outdoor adventure, or dance. A student must pass 2 credit hours of coursework in physical education, riding, or dance, emphasizing physical movement. The requirement may also be met by certain non-credit experiences, with approval of the appropriate department. The non-credit experience must be completed during the undergraduate years. In order to fulfill one quarter of the requirement, it must be comparable to a .5 credit activities course at Sweet Briar. Examples of non-credit experiences are:

  • Coursework at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)
  • Outward Bound experience
  • Off-campus sports teams or competition
  • Master classes in dance
  • Workshops in movement (e.g. Alexander Technique, yoga)

(2 credits)
Course designation is IV.3