What is ICC?

ICC or Inter-Club Council as defined by our constitution is, [...] a standing committee of the Student Government Association (SGA), [whose responsibilities are to]:

  • Foster the establishment and participation of clubs and organizations (COs) needed to enrich student life on campus
  • Dissolve inactive clubs
  • Educate all students about the Policy on Hazing and Standards of Group Behavior
  • Encourage communication, collaboration, and community

Who is on the ICC Executive Board?

Meet the Board, here!

What is required by ICC for my club to be recognized and active?

  • A constitution that adheres to ICC guidelines.
  • A list of properly elected officers, and a faculty or staff advisor.
  • A roster of potentially active members, consistent with the CO description.
  • A signed Anti-Hazing Agreement
  • Two community service events per semester, one benefiting the Sweet Briar community and one benefiting the greater Sweet Briar community
  • Fulfill all other duties assigned to COs once recognized.

How do I form a new club?

Contact our Director of Enrollment, Madi Cromwell ([email protected]).

How do I bring my club back from inactivity or hiatus?

Contact our President, Sarah Gray ([email protected]) or Samantha Ayers ([email protected]).

How do I get money for my club?

All clubs in active standing are able to request funds from the SGA at the start of each semester. CGO treasurers undergo training that explains the process. For updated information regarding club finances and the SGA budget requesting process, please contact, SGA Treasurer, Adeline Krieger  ([email protected]), and/or the Student Business Officer, Ariel Harper ([email protected]). ICC also encourages CGOs and students to apply for CEO Grants and/or StARs’ Sweet Funds for additional resources.

Who is the ICC adviser?

Samantha Ayers ([email protected]), located in Prothro (2nd floor), up in CCL.

How do I report Hazing?

Please see what is defined as hazing here in the Sweet Briar Handbook. Please report all incidents of hazing to DJ Gallagher ([email protected]).