Grants for Student Groups

The CEO Grant is a competitive grant overseen by the executive board of CEO. Grant money is awarded to students who are planning non-traditional, creative events that are open to the entire campus. While these events are permitted to include alcohol, grant money CANNOT be used to purchase alcohol. The CEO Grant is made possible by student life fees, and because that not all students are of the legal drinking age, grant money will not fund an activity that excludes those students. As such, grant money will not be awarded for events such as boathouse parties. In the application below, please be as specific as possible about, if awarded, what the money will be used for (an itemized list is preferable).

Students and student organizations that would like to host an event sponsored by the CEO Grant are expected to:

  • Turn in an application at least 2 weeks prior to the event
  • Provide at least 2 forms of advertising for the event
  • Turn in a post-event evaluation – can be found in the CEO office
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