Clubs and Societies

The Lanthanum Chapter of Iota Sigma Pi (ISP ):
Iota Sigma PI (ISP) is a national honor society for women in chemistry.

Our name, Iota Sigma Pi, signifies Iotes Sophia Procorei (ee-oh'-tace sof-ee'-a pro-coh-ray'), which stands for Go, Scientists, Forward. Our motto is Chemia Adelphae Prokope (kay-mee'-a a-del'-feye pro-koh-pay'), which means Sisterhood for Advancement in Chemistry.

This aim is stated more clearly in our objectives:

  • to promote interest in chemistry among women students;
  • to facilitate networking to provide personal and professional support;
  • to support professional advancement of women in chemistry and related fields;
  • to recognize outstanding accomplishments of women students and professional in chemistry and related fields.

Iota Sigma Pi was founded in 1902 and was organized on a nationwide basis in 1916. It serves to promote the advancement of women in chemistry by granting recognition to women who have demonstrated superior scholastic achievement and high professional competence by election into Iota Sigma Pi. Visit our Past Events ISP induction link for photos.

Chem Club (aka SAACS)
Our majors and minors are members of the Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society (SAACS). Members of SAACS host community activities that raises the awareness of chemistry. Past events include High School Science Bowl, Lectures on the Chemistry of Food, Pie a Faculty on Pie Day, and many more events in conjunction with other SAACS chapters at nearby universities. For more information, please contact the officers :

  • President: Felicia McGuire
  • Vice President: Lydia Marsh
  • Secretary: Ria Fyffe
  • Treasurer: Julia Pittman