The Classics Major - Classical Language Concentration

(34 semester hours)


Choose 4 three-credit courses in Greek or Latin at the 200-level or above.

Choose 2 additional three-credit courses in Greek or Latin at the 300-level.

Choose 5 additional three-credit courses in Greek, Latin, or from the following:

ARTH 232 (3) Greek Art and Archaeology
CLAS 201 (3) Classical Mythology
CLAS 205 (3) Ancient Greece
CLAS 206 (3) Greeks and the Other
CLAS 207 (3) The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic
CLAS 208 (3) Society and Culture in the Roman Empire
CLAS 211 (3) Roman Archaeology and Art
CLAS 243 (3) The Archaeology of Daily Life (Randolph College)
CLAS 307 (3) Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient Mediterranean
CLAS 315 (3) The Later Roman Empire: Law, Religion and Society
CLAS 318 (3) Topics in Classical Culture
HIST 223 (3) The Ancient World 8000 BCE to 300 CE
INTD 109 (3) The Religion of Socrates (may not be offered any longer)
PHIL 425 (3) The Roots of Western Thought

Senior Exercise
CLAS 452 (1) Senior Seminar

Note: At least 3 courses (9 credits) taken for the major must be at the 300-level or above.