Recent Alumnae

The best way to evaluate any program is to assess the productivity and ability of its students. The classical studies faculty is proud of the work our students do while here and after graduation. Listed below are current employment and educational opportunities our recent graduates are pursuing:

Kathleen Thomas (2010)
Kathleen majored in classics with a language concentration and a minor in psychology. While at Sweet Briar, she volunteered in the docent program and worked as a peer tutor and a gallery guard. She is a member of Eta Sigma Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta and Psi Chi honors societies. A
t the 2007 MARCUS Conference, Kathleen presented her paper titled "Wolgemut's Circe and Ulysses: The Journey from Goddess to Witch"; the paper was also published in the fall 2007 online Honors Journal. She is currently attending graduate school at the University of Massachusetts where she will earn her M.A.T. of Latin in Classical Humanities. Upon the completion of this program, she will begin teaching high school Latin.

Emma Meador (2009)
Emma was the senior McVea Scholar and an Honors Scholar. She participated in the Honors Summer Research Program in 2007 and graduated with an honors degree. She is currently working in the Peace Corps.

Nicole Blondin (2009)
Nicole was the publicity officer for Collegium her freshman year and an active member of the club. She was the 2009 class president for her freshman and sophomore year and a Campus Tour Guide, a member of Eta Sigma Phi, and part of the 2007-2008 Student Relations Committee. After graduation, Nicole has aspirations to use her linguistic knowledge to teach Latin or to continue her education in graduate school.

Mary Dance (2008)
Mary declared her classics major as a freshman, concentrating in classical languages. She also majored in government. In the summer of 2007, she completed a Summer Honors Research Project under the supervision of Professor Casey, researching the intersections of Roman drama and law. This research was also the foundation of her senior honors thesis. She is a Commonwealth Scholar, a Honors Scholar, an Emilie Watts McVea Scholar, and a Kenmore Merit Scholar. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi, and Alpha Lambda Delta. She has done a Tomlinson Internship in Law and an internship at the Supreme Court, been a columnist for SB's student newspaper The Voice, and been on many important boards. She is planning on attending law school and pursuing a J.D. In more recent news, Mary was awarded the Presidential Medal and graduated valedictorian of her class. Next year she will be working at Sweet Briar College admissions full time.

Natalie Pye (2007)
Natalie was a classics major, with a concentration in classical civilization. She graduated with High Honors for her senior honors thesis, entitled "Killing Socrates: Platonic Influence in Apuleius' Metamorphoses." In the summer of 2004 she also participated in the Summer Honors Research Program, researching ideas of madness in ancient Rome under the supervision of Professor Casey. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi and Omicron Delta Kappa. She was the Academic Judicial Chair her senior year, an ARC tutor, and a docent. She spent the fall semester of her junior year studying abroad in Athens, Greece, with Arcadia University. She is currently working as a Case Clerk in the products liability division of Alston and Bird L.L.P. in Atlanta, Ga., and plans on eventually going to law school.

Cole Shanholtz (2006)
Cole graduated in 2006 with a classics major and she wrote her senior thesis on the status and significance of horses in the ancient world. This was more than a purely intellectual interest as Cole competed frequently for the College's equestrian team and even purchased her horse Fidias from Professor Anna Moore. In the summer of 2005, Cole attended the classics program in Orvieto, Italy. After gaining some experience in the business world, she is now teaching Latin at Hart County High School in Hartwell, Ga. In the summers she is taking graduate classes towards a master's degree in classical studies at the University of Georgia. Cole lives with her Bernese mountain dog Dylan and her beagle Leila, and is involved with the music scene in Athens, Ga.

Mindy Wolfrom (2005)
Mindy Wolfrom graduated as a classics minor in 2005 and focused on Greek while at Sweet Briar. After graduating, Mindy completed an M.A. in philosophy at Boston College, where she specialized in ancient philosophy. Mindy enjoys traveling and has gone on two successive Sweet Briar/Mary Baldwin May trips as an alumna, the first to France and Amsterdam, and most recently to Turkey and the Greek islands. Mindy has completed the M.A. program in classical studies at Boston College.

Ashley Rogers (2005)
Ashley Rogers graduated in 2005 with a double major in classics and philosophy. Her senior thesis combined both majors, and was titled "Deconstructing Ovid: A Cixousian Approach to the Texts of Ovid." In the spring of her junior year she studied abroad in Athens, Greece, with College Year in Athens (and she highly recommends it!). During her summers away from Sweet Briar she was a Washington, D.C., intern working for several non-profit legislative advocacy groups. She currently serves as Deputy Press Secretary to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky). Ashley is attending George Mason Law School in Virginia.

Jacquelyn Wilkins (2003)
Jacquelyn finished a classics major here in 2005 and taught high school Latin in Amherst County. Jacquelyn completed the Post-Baccalaureate Program for Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania for 06-07. She was accepted into several Ph.D. programs and will be starting the Ph.D. program in classical studies this fall at UCLA. She intends to study cultural interactions between the Romans and various other peoples such as the Gauls and Celts.

Brandy Harman (2004)
Brandy graduated as a classics major and entered archaeological field school in Williamsburg, Va., in the fall of 2006.

Sara Gredler (2004)
Sara Gredler, who graduated in 2004 as a history and classical studies double major, earned a Master of Science degree in 2005 in historic preservation at the University of Vermont. Sara is currently employed in Texas at an architecture and engineering firm in the historic preservation department. She researches bridge history in Indiana and Texas and does survey fieldwork for historic resources near Texas Department of Transportation projects.

Michelle Church (2003)
Michelle Church graduated in 2003 as a classical studies major. She taught Latin after graduation in a Virginia high school and is now working in the publishing world.

Leslie Fretwell (2002)
Leslie completed the post-baccalaureate program in classical studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kathy Fowler (2002)
Kathy graduated with a concentration in Latin and has been teaching Latin for several years at Fauquier High School in northern Virginia.

Becky Cefaratti (2002)
Becky graduated with Honors in Latin and Greek, with an honors thesis on prostitution in ancient Rome and Pompeii. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in classical studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Caroline Stark (2000)
Caroline graduated with Highest Honors in Latin and received her master's degree from the Warburg Institute in London. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in classical and Renaissance studies at Yale University.