Fine Arts

Admission into this program is based upon a competitive jury/audition process. The Fine Arts faculty at Sweet Briar are committed to the liberal-arts concept that a broad education enhances our understanding of each specialized area of intellectual or artistic endeavor. Being the only college in the United States with a residential artist colony on its campus, we have a unique opportunity to enrich the educational experience of our fine arts students. The presence of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and our own strong fine arts faculty have led to the development of this distinctive program. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Arts is directed toward students with multifaceted creative interests. Throughout their course of study, they regularly interact with students, faculty, and visiting artists from all of our artistic disciplines. By examining methods of problem solving within their own disciplines through an active involvement with practitioners of all artistic media, students develop a rich understanding of the creative process and the problems that confront contemporary artists.

Course Descriptions

The Fine Arts Program


Choose a major area. Students must complete the requirements for one of the following majors: Dance, English and Creative Writing, Music, Musical Theatre, Studio Art, or Theatre.

Additional course requirements:
ARMG 105    (4)    Introduction to Arts Management

Choose 18 credit hours from the following list. Courses must be from disciplines other than the major and cannot be part of the major requirements. At least 6 credits must applied arts courses (fulfill V.6b general education knowledge area). At least 6 of the eighteen credits must be at the 200-level or above.

Applied Arts
-    Creative Writing: ENGL 106, ENGL 209, ENGL 216, ENGL 254, ENGL 263, ENGL 266, ENGL 271, ENGL 275, ENGL 291, ENGL 309, ENGL 318, ENGL 334, ENGL 348, ENGL 365, ENGL 371, ENGL 383
-    Dance: DANC 107, DANC 109, DANC 111, DANC 207, DANC 211, DANC 223, DANC 224, DANC 311
-    Music: MUSC 177, MUSC 179, MUSC 181, MUSC 185, MUSC 189, MUSC 191, MUSC 193, MUSC 197, MUSC 245, MUSC 251, MUSC 253, MUSC 345
-    Studio Art: any studio art course with the exception of ARTS 209
-    Theatre: THTR 189, THTR 229, THTR 230, THTR 280, THTR 329, THTR 341, THTR 389, THTR 392

- Dance: DANC 221, DANC 222, DANC 351
- History of Art: any ARTH course
- Music: MUSC 126, MUSC 127, MUSC 209, MUSC 210, MUSC 213, MUSC 309, MUSC 310, MUSC 327, MUSC 338
- Studio Art: ARTS 209
- Theatre: THTR 104, THTR 105, THTR 170, THTR 235,  THTR 245, THTR 290, THTR 333, THTR 334, THTR 335, THTR 336

Choose the following course in three different semesters:
IART 101    (1)    Fine Arts Workshop

Note: Successful completion of at least 3 semesters of this course is required. A maximum of 8 credits of IART 101 may be counted toward the degree.

Senior Exercise:
IART 452    (3)    Senior Thesis

Note: IART 452 is required in addition to the senior seminar or exercise required in the major area.

Course Descriptions

IART 101

| Fine Arts Workshop

IART 452

| Senior Thesis