Interdisciplinary Studies


INTD 109 – The Religion of Socrates (3)

This course will examine the social background and philosophical articulations of Socratic religion. Students will read Plato’s dialogues in the context of the cultural and religious background of ancient Greece. Themes such as immortality, the nature of wisdom, and the relationship of rationality and irrationality will be interrogated in philosophic and religious terms. Offered alternate years.

INTD 120 – Architecture of Sweet Briar College: A Social History (3)

Prerequisite: Open only to first-year students in the y:1 program. Based on the premise that buildings serve to legitimate ideas, the course will examine the history of Sweet Briar's architecture and how it reflects the college's values, particularly as it has defined itself as a women's college. We will compare the results of our investigation with other types of social architecture, including prisons, asylums, and institutions of higher education, both coeducational and single sex. It is hope that by doing so the students will cultivate a sense of place and a deeper connection with their environment. Students who earn credit for this course may not receive credit for HNRS 271. III.O, V.1, V.6a

INTD 131 – Service Learning: Science Outreach (1)

Prerequisite: Completion of at least one introductory course in science or math or placement above the introductory level. Co-requisite: concurrent enrollment in a science or math course. Students will work within the community to foster interest in, knowledge of, and appreciation for the sciences.

INTD 308 – Inventing Antiquity (3)

Prerequisite: one CLAS or RELG course at the 200-level or above. We will examine religious and cultural forms from Greece, Rome, and Egypt and how they are envisioned and enacted in American history. The transmission of such phenomena as oracles, divination, religious initiations, and uses of secrecy will be studied. Historical pairings will include the Pythia and Spiritualism, Egyptian religion and the Mormons, and ancient mystery cults and their American imitators. May be counted toward the majors in classics and religion.

INTD 452 – Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies (3)

This capstone course is co-requisite for intern teachers seeking elementary licensure in the Liberal Studies major. Pre-service teachers will develop and refine their professional portfolios based upon INTASC standards. III.O, III.W

INTD 461 – Independent Study (1, 2, 3)

Research on a topic determined in advance by a student and by members of the departments involved.

INTD 463 – Senior Project (3)

Senior project determined in advance by a student and by members of the departments involved.  This project is the capstone course for the self-designed major.

INTD 109

| The Religion of Socrates

INTD 131

| Service Learning: Science Outreach

INTD 308

| Inventing Antiquity

INTD 452

| Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies

INTD 461

| Independent Study

INTD 463

| Senior Project