International Studies

The student who wishes to pursue cultural, artistic, or socio-economic interests in other areas of the world may do so in a variety of ways. Her objective may be to prepare for graduate work in some area of international studies, to provide groundwork for a career in foreign service, foreign affairs, tourism, international organizations, multinational enterprises, or simply to concentrate on a single aspect of a foreign culture as part of a broad liberal arts education.
In consultation with the appropriate advisor, she may devise an interdisciplinary program of study suited to her individual interests, aptitudes and goals in one of the following fields:

Asian Studies
International Affairs
Latin American Studies   

For some of these programs, foreign study may be essential, and for all of them the student is strongly encouraged to incorporate a period of study abroad in her program. She should consult with the appropriate advisor early in her first year in order to assure sufficient time to complete prerequisites as well as requirements for the major.