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Dance is one of the earliest art forms. At Sweet Briar College we celebrate all that this implies by exploring dance in every aspect. A student majoring in dance has several degree options; a B.A. in dance, a B.A. in dance with NK-12 teaching certification, or a B.F.A. in dance with a minor in another field in the fine arts. Students who want to minor in dance have two choices, either a minor in performance or a minor in teaching. Double majors and double minors are also available at Sweet Briar.

Our dance program places great emphasis on choreography. Each senior dance major creates a major capstone project, usually a full evening concert of her own choreography. MultiAs a result of this, one of our dance majors was nominated for best student choreographer and performer in the Mid-Atlantic region and performed her solo at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Though there is a great diversity of career paths that our graduates take, four out of five choose dance as their profession or for further study in graduate school.

The past four dance majors who have applied for graduate school have received Graduate Assistantships. With our emphasis in choreography, strong technique classes, challenging courses in dance history, aesthetics, anatomy and teaching, the beautiful 3,250-acre campus of Sweet Briar College is the place where you will become the dancer you want to be.

For community children's dance class offerings for ages 4-18, click here.