Taylor Newman ’10
works for Disney in Florida and is auditioning for companies in N.Y.C. and Florida. She hopes to get in a company soon. N.Y.C. may be in her future plans.

Katherine Boltz ’10 directs, manages, performs and teaches Irish dance for an Irish dance company in Virginia. She is also teaching modern and ballet to children.

Courtney Hurt ’10 teaches circus arts and creative dance to children in Virginia. She hopes to audition for Cirque du Soleil soon.

Mallory Duff ’10, plans on moving to New York City. She has already auditioned for companies in the city and has received favorable comments.

Mary Susan Sinclair-Kuenning ’09, lives in New York City, and is enrolled in the Limon School. She is auditioning for dance companies and has performed with pick-up companies at various venues throughout the city.

Nikki Pham ’09, performs with a modern dance company in Washington, D.C., and received certification in Yoga I at Yogaville in Virginia. She is working on Yoga II certification in Integral Yoga and hopes to do this training in Costa Rica.

Heather Coley ’08, starting a master's program in arts management at North Carolina School for the Arts.

Betty Skeen ’07, graduate assistant at the University of Maryland, College Park, is working toward her M.F.A. in dance, recently reviewed in the Washington Post.

Sara Coffey ’06, dancing and working in Washington, D.C. Sara is a fundraiser for non-profit arts organizations, has performed at the Joy of Motion Dance Center.

Samantha Angus ’05, starting as teaching assistant in dance; working toward an M.F.A. in dance, Sam Houston State University.

Jan Jennings ’05, attending Mills College, working toward an M.F.A. in dance, scholarship recipient

Casey Poore ’05, teaching dance in studios near Richmond and is an academic teacher for grades 6-8 in a private school near Richmond.

Jade Boardman ’03, graduate assistantship in dance, working toward an M.F.A. in dance, Sam Houston State University

Jorgee Boyles ’03, teacher at a studio outside of Richmond

Natalie King ’03, graduate assistantship in dance, working toward an M.F.A. in dance, Arizona State University

Lauren Mills ’03, graduate assistantship in dance, working toward an M.F.A. in dance, University of New Mexico

Liz Waring ’02, faculty in dance at Person County High School, Roxboro, N.C. She also founded their touring high school dance company. She will be attending University of North Carolina Greensboro with a Teaching Assistantship, working toward an M.A. in dance education.

Amy Mullen ’02, independent choreographer, performed in Pittsburg summer 2004 for the Dance USA Conference and performed in N.Y.C. concert in February 2003 at St. Mark's Church.

Sarah Herndon Sydnor ’01, member of Artichoke Dance Company in N.Y.C. Artichoke recently performed at St. Mark's Church in June 2003. Managed and taught at a dance studio in New Jersey. Currently working in dance studios and independant dance projects in Providence, R.I.

Amy Sherman ’01, M.F.A. in dance at NYU, dance in education guest artist N.Y.C. Public Schools and has performed in dance concerts in N.Y.C. in companies and solo, performed a solo at St. Mark's Church in February 2003.

Marisha Bourgeois ’99, M.A. in dance from American University. Was a faculty member in
dance department at Northern Virginia Community College. Currently in California and planning on opening her own studio with a performance space.

Sara Skoglund ’99, teacher with Ballet Petit dance studio franchise, in Metro D.C. area

Charlotte Rognmoe Gilbar ’98, principal of Madison Heights Elementary School, Amherst County Public Schools,
director of Lynchburg College Dance Company

Andrea Sheetz McCarney ’98, Director of the Pipeworks Dance Company at the Swift Creek Performing Arts Academy in Chesterfield, Va.

Catherine Zahrn ’98 has an M.F.A. in dance from University of Hawaii where she was a graduate assistant. Now she is on the faculty at the University of Georgia and she teaches at a private studio in Athens, Ga.

Jill Meadows ’97, independent choreographer and performer. Lives in N.Y.C. and has developed a performance venue for dance in Brooklyn.

Leigh Mason '96, independent choreographer and performer with a pilates and massage certification

Laura Lee Rihl Joiner M.D. ’96, Capt. U.S. Army; obstetrician, San Antonio, Texas

Colleen Losey ’92 has an M.A. in education and is an elementary school teacher. She has formed a dance company with children.

Brandi Beck ’90 has an M.A. in dance therapy and a Ph.D. in counseling. In 2004, she opened a private practice in family counseling in Beverly Hills, Calif. After graduating from SBC, Brandi taught dance for two years in North Carolina high schools. She also backpacked Africa from north to south. Brandi has taught a class in dance therapy at Sweet Briar College.

Valerie Winbourne ’86 has an M.A. from New York University in dance education. She was a member of the dance company Urban Bush Women and has worked with Spike Lee.

Sarah Skaggs ’79 has her own dance company in New York City that has toured the world. Sarah is a cutting-edge choreographer that wows audiences with her own unique style of dancing. She has been written about and reviewed in many newspapers and journals and is listed in the Dictionary of Modern Dance. Sarah has been a choreographic fellow at the Virginia Center of the Creative Arts. Sarah provides SBC dance majors with many dance internships in New York City.

Connor Kelly ’79 is a dance therapist currently living in Sicily. She was head of the New England Dance Therapy Association.

Mary Gearhart ’79 is a photographer and a lighting designer who works with dance companies in New York City.

Larkin Barnett ’76 earned a master’s in dance from Mills College. Larkin is a leading innovator, writer and speaker in the Pilates field, having held professorships in dance and exercise science at several universities. Larkin is a Nautilus award-winning author of “Practical Centering” in the body centering category. She won top Pilates and Performing Arts Aesthetic DVD and Manual by Pilates Style Magazine. Larkin’s “Practical Pilates Using Imagery” with Miami City Ballet contains her dance-evolved Pilates system. She also teaches creative movement using her three children’s books for a full curriculum.

Betsy Burge Murphy ’75 teaches creative dance for children.

Betsy Banks ’74 teaches creative dance for children and performs in a folk dance ensemble.

Anne Green Gilbert ’69 has a children’s dance company called Kaleidoscope. She is a world-renowned authority on the teaching of creative movement and has published many books on the subject. She is a frequent guest speaker at conferences. She has her own school and is a consultant in the field for dance for children. Kaleidoscope performs worldwide. SBC students have worked with Anne occasionally during the summer.

Gene King Leyden ’68 has her own dance studio called “I Can Dance.” She teaches many dance forms at her studio.

Mimi Garrard ’58 tours the world with her dance company, which is based in New York City. Along with choreographing and running her company she is exploring the new art of video dance. Her works are broadcast on television regularly. Mimi was an original member of the Alwin Nikolais Dance Company. Mimi has been a great resource to Sweet Briar dancers over the years.