The Dance Major

A student majoring in dance has several degree options; a B.A. in dance, a B.A. in dance with NK-12 teaching certification, or a B.F.A. in dance with a minor in another field in the fine arts. Students who want to minor in dance have two choices, either a minor in performance or a minor in teaching. Double majors and double minors are also available at Sweet Briar. For our size, Sweet Briar College dance program is dynamic and vital. We will continue to stress excellence in everything we teach; technique, choreography, dance history, aesthetics, anatomy and pedagogy. We are practically unique in our ability to award dance teaching certification NK-12 in the state of Virginia, being one of only three colleges approved to do so.

(45 semester hours)

DANC 111 (1) – Beginning Modern Dance
DANC 221 (3) – Dance History I
DANC 222 (3) – Dance History II
DANC 223 (3) – Intro to Dance Composition I
DANC 224 (3) – Intro to Dance Composition II
DANC 301 (3) – Intermediate Dance Composition I
DANC 302 (3) – Intermediate Dance Composition II
DANC 211 (1) – Intermediate Modern Dance
DANC 341 (3) – Methods of Teaching Creative Movement and Dance
DANC 351 (3) – Anatomy and Kinesiology
DANC 467 (3) – Aesthetics-Dance Criticism
MUSC 107 (3) – Rudiments of Music I
THTR 105 (3) – Intro to Technical Theatre

Senior Exercise
DANC 463 (3) – Senior Project

Choose the following course twice in two different semseters
DANC 311 (3) – Advanced Modern Technique

Choose one of the following courses
ARMG 105 (3) – The Arts Organization
ARTH 115 (3) – Survey of Art History I
ARTH 116 (3) – Survey of Art Histiory II
MUSC 127 (3) – World Music
Any three-credit course in studio art.

Note: It is expected that a student majoring in dance take one dance technique course each term.

Applied technique courses are
DANC107, DANC 109, DANC 111,
DANC 207, DANC 211, and DANC 311.

DANC 105 (1)-Yoga: Can be counted toward the major.