The Dance Minor - Performance Option

(12-15 semester hours)

DANC 221 (3)-Dance History I
DANC 223 (3)-Introduction to Dance Composition I

Choose three of the following courses of which two must be at the 200-level or above
DANC 107 (1)-Ballet I
DANC 109 (1)-Jazz I
DANC 111 (1)-Beginning Modern Dance
DANC 207 (1)-Ballet II
DANC 209 (1)-Jazz II
DANC 211 (1)-Intermediate Modern Dance I
DANC 311 (2)-Advanced Modern Dance Technique

Choose one of the following courses
DANC 222 (3)-Dance History II
DANC 224 (3)-Introduction to Dance Composition II
DANC 351 (3)-Anatomy and Kinesiology