Gifted Education

Because classrooms are growing even more diverse and the need to differentiate instruction for gifted learners has become imperative in the general education classroom, the need for specialized teachers to meet the needs of these students has become increasingly important.

Sweet Briar College offers an Add-On Endorsement in Gifted Education to those individuals who already hold a teaching license. The Add-On Endorsement in Gifted Education provides teachers with valuable knowledge and skills in designing a range of curricular and instructional options for students across content areas. This endorsement is separate from the graduate degrees offered at SBC, although one class, Seminar on Curriculum Design, counts toward the masters degree as well as the Gifted Add-On Endorsement.

The coursework required for the Add-On Endorsement in Gifted Education is as follows:

EDUC 509     (3)     Introduction to the Gifted and Talented
EDUC 511     (3)     Special Populations of Gifted Students
EDUC 514     (3)     Methods and Strategies for Teaching the Gifted
EDUC 625     (3)     Seminar on Curriculum Design

With the exception of EDUC 625, which is offered each fall, the courses listed here are offered in alternate years. A practicum experience is required upon completion of all coursework.