Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Teaching

Imagine yourself standing in front of a group of students in your very own classroom. You are a confident leader; all of your students are interested and learning; you are happy and engaged in the meaningful, challenging and rewarding work of teaching.

The department of education at Sweet Briar College can help turn this vision into a reality.

From the first class you take with us, you will be immersed in the world of education. You will spend time in classrooms, you will think deeply about what it means to teach, and you will begin developing the skills and dispositions of a successful teacher. You will form close relationships with the other students in the program, and you will receive extensive, personalized guidance from the program faculty.

If this all sounds interesting, we are here to answer your questions and provide additional information. Even better, schedule a time to visit campus and meet with us in person! We hope to hear from you.

Who can enroll?

The Master of Arts in Teaching is designed for those men and women with a bachelor's degree who do not hold a teaching license in Virginia or any other state. It is a full-time program that prepares candidates for licensure in one calendar (June-May) year.

The benefits of enrolling in Sweet Briar's M.A.T. program include the following:

  • The program focuses on differentiated curriculum and instruction, which helps prospective teachers meet the variety of needs they are likely to encounter in the classroom.
  • M.A.T. students are paired with clinical faculty members who have extensive training in mentoring pre-service teachers and in differentiating curriculum and instruction.
  • Courses are offered in late afternoons and evenings to allow students to substitute-teach in local schools and "earn while they learn."
  • Certain courses combine M.A.T. and M.Ed. candidates, creating exciting learning opportunities for current and prospective teachers to share learning experiences.
  • Virginia has reciprocity agreements with 47 other states, so candidates can earn their license in Virginia and be eligible to teach almost anywhere in the United States.
  • Completion of the M.A.T. program offers graduates the benefits of a higher salary potential in most school districts throughout the country.

Course of Study

(30 hours)

Content course elective (3)
EDUC 603     (2)     Seminar on Controversial Issues in Education
EDUC 605     (2)     The Multicultural Classroom
EDUC 607     (2)     Seminar on Assessment
EDUC 619     (3)     Concepts in Research Design
EDUC 625     (3)     Curriculum Design
EDUC 633     (3)     Instructional Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom
EDUC 644     (9)     Student Teaching
EDUC 646     (3)     Student Teaching Seminar