Special Education

The education department at Sweet Briar College now offers a Special Education-General Curriculum K-12 Endorsement. This endorsement is available to students in either the elementary, secondary, or K-12 licensure programs. Approval was granted by the Virginia Department of Education in June of 2008.

In addition to the professional studies courses required for the elementary, secondary, or K-12 licensure tracks, the student wishing to complete the special education endorsement will be required to take the following professional studies courses:

EDUC 211     (3)     Teaching Diverse Learners
EDUC 313     (3)     Adapting for Diverse Learners in General Education K-12
EDUC 316     (3)     Classroom Management: Techniques and Interventions K-12
EDUC 322     (3)     Assessments in Special Education General Curriculum K-12
EDUC 410     (3)     Transition, Collaboration, and Consultation in Special Education K-12

These courses provide hands-on field experiences working with special needs in both inclusive and self-contained settings.