The English and Creative Writing Minor

(21 semester hours)

Choose 4 three-credit creative writing workshops, including ENGL 106 and at least one course in two of the following genres: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction.

Note: As a general rule, students should begin their work in creative writing by enrolling in ENGL 106. Students may request permission to substitute another writing workshop for ENGL 106 by submitting to the program director prior to enrolling in one of the other creative writing workshops a portfolio of work that demonstrates significant creative writing experience and accomplishment.

Choose 1 three-credit course in literature in the English department at the 200- or 300-level.
Choose 2 three-credit courses in literature in the English department at the 300-level.

Note: Two literature courses (6 semester hours) in the English department and two creative writing workshops (6 semester hours) must be taken at Sweet Briar College. No course used to fulfill minor requirements may be taken on a P/CR/ NC grading option.