Study Abroad

Qualified students are encouraged to participate in the following study abroad programs. A student considering spending part or all of her junior year abroad should consult with her advisor for recommended preparatory courses.


Virginia Program at Oxford, England
Each summer, a select group of Sweet Briar students travels to the University of Oxford to study the history and literature of Renaissance England. The six-week academic program follows the English system, combining small-group tutorials with lectures by world-class experts. The program also includes co-curricular and cultural events such as performances at the Globe Theatre in London, a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon (the birthplace of Shakespeare) and a traditional English croquet match. Successful completion of the program earns students three credits in history and three credits in English. Students in any class year and in any major are encouraged to apply; applications are typically due in mid-February. For more information, contact Prof. Tony Lilly at [email protected].


The University of St. Andrews
Sweet Briar has had an affiliation with the University of St. Andrews in Scotland since the early 1930s. Candidates for study at St. Andrews will be considered on the basis of the match between their fields of study and academic records, their capacity for independent work and their maturity. Although students are advised to spend a full year at the university, St. Andrews is now offering single-semester study abroad programs. Application information and forms are available from the coordinator of international studies.