Teacher Licensure

(49 semester hours)

A student wishing endorsement in secondary school education in English must complete at least 46 hours of work in language and literature. These should include all courses required for the English major or for the English and Creative Writing major, among which must be ENGL 317; either ENGL 322, ENGL 324, or ENGL 325 (preferably ENGL 325); and several courses in American, world, or ethnic literature. The student must take at least four additional courses (12 hours) including ENGL 104 and ENGL 228 (or their equivalents), THTR 102, and an independent study (ENGL 461) in the teaching of composition. Students seeking an additional endorsement in theater arts should fulfill these requirements, which should include courses on British, American, and continental drama, and complete THTR 189 and THTR 392.