Core Questions

During the 2011-12 academic year an ad hoc committee of faculty worked diligently to develop – and refine – a set of core questions that would be asked on all end-of-term course evaluations. The core questions are designed to cut across disciplines and course-types.

A copy of the core questions (displayed as they appear in an evaluation form) is available here:
Sample Survey 

In addition to the core questions, departments/programs may request the inclusion of discipline-specific or course-type-specific questions.  Moreover, the system also allows individual faculty to allocate questions to their courses from a bank of pre-approved questions or to submit their own questions for inclusion on the evaluation form.

Please contact Kristie Evans, the Sweet Briar CoursEval administrator at [email protected] or x6414 if you would like additional information about (or would like assistance developing) department/program-level questions or custom questions for individual courses.