duPont Grants

Sweet Briar College has received a three-year grant from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund to implement online course evaluations using CourseEvalTM software and to offer faculty development grants. The Faculty Grants Committee invites you to apply for a development grant that responds to improvements you would like to make in your courses or to the need to create a new course, as identified in the feedback and data provided by the online evaluation system’s reporting tools.

Perhaps you have a summer activity, conference, or seminar that would help you stay current with technology, pedagogy, or research in your field. Or you might have ideas for bringing a technology specialist or an expert in your discipline to campus for a workshop or a short residency that would benefit your classes or the classes of a group of faculty members.  Maybe you are looking for resources to enable you to travel to visit places, see sites, and experience cultural events and activities that would enrich your teaching. The Committee welcomes all of your ideas.


Documents for Applying for a Jessie Ball duPont Faculty Development Grant: