Adding Questions to an Evaluation (Faculty)

Accessing Evaluation Reports (Faculty)


Examples of Department/Program Questions

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Catalog of Approved Questions for Faculty

The Catalog of Approved Questions contains questions that individual faculty members can add to their course evaluations.  Faculty may add these questions by logging into the CoursEvalTM faculty portal and selecting “My Course Questions” under the Survey menu.  The Catalog is updated at the beginning of every term so as to include any questions requested as “custom questions” in the previous term’s evaluation administration.  For help on adding questions from the Catalog or requesting custom questions for a current survey please see the handout and training video on the subject included above.

Catalog of Approved Questions for Faculty (Fall 2012)


Need More Help?

Please contact Kristie Evans, Course Evaluation System Administrator, if you’d like additional help or training on the online evaluation system features.