The International Affairs Major

(42 semester hours)

Core Requirements
GOVT 109    (3)    Introduction to International Politics
GOVT 122    (3)    Introduction to Comparative Politics
GOVT 159    (3)    Introduction to American Government
GOVT 322    (3)    The Conduct of United States Foreign Policy
GOVT 339    (3)    Theories of Comparative Politics

Senior Exercise
GOVT 454    (3)    Senior Seminar in International Affairs
Choose 2 three-credit courses in government at the 300-level or above.

Choose at least 6 additional three-credit courses in government.

With approval of advisor, two of the 8 elective courses above may be taken from courses in ECON or HIST, and where appropriate, one other in ASIA, BUSN or LAST.

International Experience
Wherever practicable, majors are strongly advised to partake in a significant international experience as part of their education through an approved study abroad program.

Also, wherever practicable, majors are strongly advised to study a foreign language beyond the intermediate level.