Welcome from the Health and Wellness Center and the Directors of Health and Counseling Services,
Rosie T. Lewis, DNP, ANP-BC and Betty Blevins, LPC

Dear SBC Student,

Sweet Briar College Student Health and Wellness Center ecompasses Health and Counseling Services provides you with high quality and confidential, primary holistic care. We know as a student you will face many challenges and choices. We recognize that academic success and activities in and outside of the classroom require health and wellness and a great deal of balancing. Our goals are to help you maintain your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health through education and prevention and to restore your health when necessary by treatment of illness, injury or stress. We are your partner in wellness and we want to increase your appreciation of the importance of healthy behaviors, assist you in developing self-care skills and learn how to be an effective consumer of health care resources.

We are both care providers and teachers. We regard each patient encounter as a “teachable moment” and an opportunity to affect your health attitudes and behaviors. As part of CCL, we plan and orchestrate programs through our two priority initiatives of wellness and inclusiveness. We partner with student leaders and student groups to promote all aspects of physical and mental health that are specific to women. In addition, The Sweet PEAs (Peer Health Educators and Advocates) are an integral part of our campuswide wellness programs and lead our national affiliation with BACCHUS (Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students). 

If you become ill, feel stressed or if you have questions or concerns, we invite you to call 381-6140 and our office manager will help you make an appointment. We’ll assist you in recognizing when care or treatment is needed, provide primary care or help you obtain specialized care if required. You can access other resources for Health and Counseling via the column to the left.

You are finding your place at Sweet Briar, and you are the reason we’re here, and we want to help you stay healthy and balanced while at Sweet Briar. We appreciate hearing from you regarding our services through our online surveys and other feedback, and we encourage your active involvement with BACCHUS and other campuswide wellness programs. On behalf of the entire staff, we are honored to contribute to your academic success as a Sweet Briar student.

Wishing you a healthy year,

Dr. Rosie T. Lewis, DNP, ANP-BC Director of Health and Wellness Center

Betty Blevins, LPC Director of Counseling Services


Our Mission

The Mary F. Harley Student Health and Wellness Center and Counseling Services is supportive of and integral to the academic mission of the College. Excellence in learning is optimized by health and a healthy lifestyle. The staff of the Health and Wellness Center and Counseling Services is dedicated to assisting students in making healthy lifestyle choices and accepting responsibility for their own health and well-being.

The mission of Sweet Briar’s Health and Wellness Center and Counseling Services is achieved through a holistic framework based on the harmony of the mind, body and spirit with emphasis on women’s health and self care.

Medically related questions should be directed to Rosie T. Lewis, nurse practitioner and director of the Health and Wellness Center. Betty Blevins, mental health counselor, should be contacted with questions or concerns regarding psychological issues. Both staff members can be contacted at (434) 381-6140.

Cheryl Steele, dean of co-curricular life, provides administrative oversight to the Health and Wellness Center and works closely with the staff members. She can be reached at (434) 381-6134.

Sweet Briar College participates in a consortium student health insurance plan with Gallagher Koster. Detailed information and an online chat option for questions are available at: www.gallagherkoster.com