Health Services and Forms

The Mary F. Harley Student Health and Wellness Center and Counseling Services provides qualified staff to assist students in reaching their potential while at Sweet Briar College.

We are competent and caring health care providers who offer basic primary healthcare for acute and chronic conditions. We treat illnesses such as colds, the flu, urinary tract infections, allergies, etc. We have many community health affiliations and relationships and do not hesitate to refer students who may need urgent or more complex care than can be adequately provided through our services.

Our primary focus is wellness, including women’s health exams (e.g. PAP tests) and education about healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition, contraception, smoking cessation, etc.

In addition, we offer immunization clinics for those needing vaccination against influenza or meningitis. We also offer the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, which protects against several strains of HPV.

Counseling services can include individual sessions, group counseling, crisis intervention, psychological testing and/or referrals for specialized needs on an individual basis. Students requiring longer-term counseling may be referred to a local therapist as deemed necessary.

All health and counseling visits are free to students, except for specialized tests, some immunizations and some supplies. 


Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Health and Wellness Center

What services are available in the Sweet Briar Health and Wellness Center?
The SBC Health and Wellness Center uses an advance practice model and is staffed only by nurse practitioners who are also doctors of nursing practice. The DNPs have a collaborative agreement with a local family practice physician. SBC HS provides comprehensive primary care to all students and can also refer students with more complex health problems to specialists. Diagnosis, treatment, management and collaboration can also occur with the family provider. All information is CONFIDENTIAL, unless the student signs a release. The SBC HS uses advanced electronic medical technology to secure all records, and a cloud-based patient portal allows your daughter to retrieve her immunizations and other important information even after graduation.

Which immunizations does my student need before coming to college?
Please see the SBC Immunization Requirements and Recommendations on the Health History and Physical Form for more information. Please note the meningitis vaccine must be re-boosted if more than 5 years from the first dose. Students who arrive at SBC without the REQUIRED health history or exam, especially immunizations, may not be allowed to attend class until these requirements are met. The health center staff will assist any student who does not have these met, but this likely will accrue additional cost. 

Does my student need a physical before starting school?
Physical exams are required for entrance to Sweet Briar and are required annually IF you are a varsity athlete or on a riding competition team. HS works closely with the fitness, athletics and recreation and riding staffs. A release to share information is part of the Health History form.

Do you need me to send my student’s medical records to you?
Student medical records (complete history and physical) should be sent to:

Sweet Briar College Health and Wellness Center
PO Box 1061
Sweet Briar, VA 24595

Fax: (434) 381-6375

Any student who has chronic health problems (physical or emotional/mental) or prescriptive medications that will need renewals through our office, should schedule an initial visit with one of our clinicians (doctor of nursing practice/nurse practitioner or licensed professional counselor) through Deborah Mays, office manager, at (434) 381-6140.

How can my student get allergy injections while at school?
Allergy injections are available by appointment for students who have been seen by a clinician. Students who receive injections at SBC can store allergy medication on site. There is a charge of $6 per injection or $10 for multiple injections.

How do I pay my student’s bill and how much will it cost?
There is currently no charge for office visits. Charges may accrue for labs, diagnostics, medications and supplies (orthopedic braces, etc.) and are billed to your SBC account, indicating a Health Services charge.

Any student charges for labs and supplies are discounted through a relationship with the local hospital system, Centra Health. The discounted rate is relatively low compared to private medical services.

Can you bill my insurance?
At this time, we are not billing directly to insurance companies, but we can provide your daughter with an encounter sheet that reflects any charges with appropriate codes. This can be used to reimburse you.

How do I get health insurance for my daughter? 
Each year, SBC, in collaboration with a consortium of colleges, selects a student health insurance plan and makes it available to students. This plan is available for purchase at the beginning of each semester and covers many services, like prescriptions and diagnostic studies that may be ordered at SBC HS or at another local provider, urgent care or emergency department. The policy is cost-effective, comparable to the bronze plan in the ACA marketplace and meets all ACA requirements. Policy details and enrollment deadlines are available on the Student Health Insurance section of this website and through the business office. PLEASE PROVIDE THE SBC HS WITH A CURRENT COPY OF YOUR INSURANCE CARD.

Where is the SBC Health and Wellness Center located? 
Student Health and Wellness Center is located in the Harley Building proximal to the parking lot of Meta Glass (toward Faculty Row).

How does my student make an appointment? 
Students can schedule appointments by calling (434) 381-6140 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.). Same-day appointments are available for acute medical problems. Appointments for routine health concerns are generally available within a few days.

Does SBC provide class excuses? Missing a class due to routine or less serious illnesses, such as sore throats, colds and similar health problems, does not qualify students for a formal “Verification of Illness.” In those cases, students should either email or call the faculty member as soon as possible. If students experience a significant illness or injury that has resulted in academic problems, SBC Health and Wellness Center will provide verification of care with a signed release to the dean’s office, which will notify faculty. However, the student must have a documented serious, prolonged illness or injury. 

My student just had surgery. Can she get help getting to and from class or need special housing accommodations?
Sometimes students experience temporary impairments that limit their mobility to travel around campus. SBC HS works collaboratively with Residence Life and Campus Safety to assist students. 

Visit our website, Health and Counseling, and read the Welcome Letter on our homepage.   

Have a question that isn’t answered here? You can always email either [email protected] or [email protected].

Student Health Insurance

Please take the time to go over the student health insurance plan information available to you below:

Gallagher Koster: 

Sweet Briar College is participating in a consortium student health insurance plan with Gallagher Koster. Detailed information and an online chat option for questions are available on their website.

FAQ — Frequently asked questions about the 2014-2015 Student Health Insurance Plan for SBC students

Plan Brochure — Information regarding your 2014-2015 Student Health Insurance Plan

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Resources & Links — Information available on student health insurance and student health and wellness

Medical Insurance Guide for Students — Helpful information for you to better understand your coverage options, costs and obligations so that you can make an informed decision on your medical insurance, both while in college and post graduation


Sweet Briar Forms and Information
  • Special Accommodation Form — Special housing accommodations application form for resident students who present conditions — medical or psychological — which are well documented by a licensed physician