Peer Health Educators and Advocates

Sweet PEAs

A Sweet PEA is a Peer health Educator and Advocate. Selected via application to Rosie Lewis, board-certified adult nurse practioner, at the Harley Health and Wellness Center, PEAs are a diverse group of students with a primary goal of educating Sweet Briar students and advocating healthy lifestyles. Sweet PEAs put on monthly events to address a plethora of topics covering physical, mental, emotional and sexual health, as well as preventative measures against chronic illness.

As a direct extension of the Health and Wellness Center, Sweet PEAs work closely with Rosie to provide accurate and up-to-date information for our students. Although student-run, Sweet PEAs is an organization under the Health Center, and is not considered a club. Peer health educators arrive on the Sweet Briar campus early before the school year begins to be trained by Rosie in handling confidential situations and conflict resolution. PEAs are also briefed on the topics they plan to address for the year, such as STDs and breast cancer.

Sweet PEAs (along with Sweet Briar as a whole) have adopted the Step-Up! program to address many, if not all, of the situations that could occur on campus, health-related or not. Step-Up! provides a way for all student leaders to take an upper hand in scenarios that would otherwise create a bystander-affect, group-think, or end in negative or dangerous outcomes.


The PEAs:

Megan Gerringer ’15 (chair)

Emily Wartella ’15 (secretary)

Julia Eckstine ’16

Hayley Foraker ’15

Reba Gagne ’16

Meredith Haga ’16

Morgan McRae ’15

Alexis Meares ’14

Chelsea Modeste ’15

Kasey Stewart ’15

Ashley Tucker ’15

Laura Tullos ’14

So You Want to Be a PEA?

Sweet PEA Position Description (2014-2015)

Sweet PEA Application

Events for 2013/2014 

This year, Sweet PEAs will be putting on large monthly events (speakers, activites, etc.) welcoming all students to participate, as well as smaller monthly events (fundraisers, lunch-time raffle, etc.). Each month has a distinct topic of health to be addressed by one or more of the events held.

Stall Stories

Like events, Stall Stories go out biweekly to bring up a topic of interest to the bathroom stalls of residence buildings. These are printed flyers displaying credible information and a fun design to catch the eye of students who see them, and to make them think. These stories cover many topics, often provide tips, facts & myths, how-to instructions, or testimonials.


Past Events

Booze Cruise — Sweet Briar Campus Safety and Amherst County Sheriff’s Department provide traffic cones and beer goggles and take students through an obstacle course on golf-carts to simulate driving under the influence. Students also are taken through field sobriety tests with the beer goggles. The goal of this activity is to express the dangers of drinking and driving.

Bra Decorating Contest — In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Sweet PEAs hold a bra decorating contest. Student groups of any shape, size or purpose decorate a bra however they choose, and one day during lunch, a runway fashion show is held. Student volunteers wear the decorated bras over their clothes to show them off, and students vote for their favorites by donating money to the group they liked best. Afterwards, we have a breast cancer survivor speak and give her personal testimony. All money donated goes to giving a mammogram to women who cannot afford one.

Sweet Seconds

Sweet Seconds was created in the fall semester of 2012 as a way to fundraise for the peer health education program. Sweet Seconds is a second-hand clothing store that sells clothes and dorm items to the Sweet Briar community, donated by the Sweet Briar community. With Sweet Seconds revenue, the PEAs are able to fund events put on directly for the Sweet Briar Students. You can find also Sweet Seconds on Facebook for picture updates on new items in the store, as well as time changes.

Social Media and

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