Our Mission: History and the Liberal Arts

Septem artes liberalesHistory is, and always has been, a fundamental part of a liberal arts education. Traditionally, the liberal arts promoted knowledge for knowledge’s sake. This has not changed. It is our philosophy that those students with ambitious goals can best achieve them through a broad training in thinking effectively and comprehending their world. A liberal arts education promotes students’ desires to understand problems, make connections between data sets, offer answers that are logical and creative, and ultimately secure better paychecks and career and self-growth opportunities. A liberal arts education enhances the ability to switch between seemingly disparate career paths.

History and the liberal arts gives risk takers the knowledge and confidence to make decisions that are based on solid research, critical thinking, broad and specialized knowledge, and logic. With these tools in one’s intellectual arsenal, risks are less “risky” and the payoffs are exponentially greater than for those who seek job-training education. For these reasons and more the history department at SBC promotes this traditional understanding of the liberal arts and applies this philosophy to our classes and the major.