First-year Students

First-year students holding the top merit awards offered to incoming students at Sweet Briar, including the Commonwealth, Founders and Prothro scholarships, are invited to join the program. Other entering students showing academic promise based on their high school records also may be invited into the program. For more information on joining the Honors Program beyond the first year, fall semester, go to Program Overview, “Joining the Honors Program.”

First-year Honors Courses

First-year Honors students begin an Honors course of study by enrolling in a two-semester sequence that will introduce them to the kind of critical thinking, cross-disciplinary curiosity, analytical and creative rigor expected in Honors courses. The first-year Honors courses will introduce Sweet Briar's best students to each other, and create a sense of community and camaraderie among academically focused students. First-year Honors students should plan to enroll in one fall one-credit Honors Inquiry course and one spring three-credit Honors seminar as the starting point for earning Honors recognition.

Honors Inquiry Fall 2015

HNRS 101.01 - Current Topics Biology & Medicine
This First-year Honors Inquiry will examine recent questions, innovations, and discoveries in biology and medicine. Students will explore the scientific content of each topic as well as the social context. Students will conduct research utilizing digital and print resources, and will share the results of their exploration in written and oral presentations. Discussions and group work will be emphasized. CRN: 10148

HNRS 117.01 - Politics of Mass Murder
The question of genocide is a primary focus for those concerned with human rights and preventing its occurrence. This course explores selected genocides in the 20th century. We will delve into issues that deal not only with the experiences of the victims, but those of the perpetrators to understand how and why they acted in such a barbaric manner. CRN: 10149

FY Honors Seminars Spring 2016