Graduating in the Honors Program

At graduation, the Honors Program recognizes student excellence in scholarship in three ways:

I . The Honors Degree
The Honors Degree is a College-wide honors designation awarded to students who have completed an honors course of study over their four years. The award of the Honors Degree is announced at graduation and is noted on both the student’s transcript and diploma.

II. Departmental Honors
Departmental Honors in the major is awarded to those students who successfully complete a year-long Senior Honors Thesis Project in their major. Departmental Honors at one of three levels — Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors — will be indicated on the student’s transcript and will be announced at graduation.

III. The Honors Degree with Departmental Honors

Honors Degree

The Honors Degree is the culmination of an honors course of study at Sweet Briar College. The Honors Degree may be sought in conjunction with or without Departmental Honors (the Honors thesis component).

Requirements for the Honors Degree
1)    Successful completion of seven Honors courses which will include:

  • the First-year Honors Inquiry
  • the First-year Honors seminar
  • one 200-level Honors seminar
  • one 300-level Honors seminar
  • two additional Honors courses (seminar, variant, or section)
  • the 470 Advanced Honors course in the student's major department

2)    A cumulative grade point average of 3.4 or higher at graduation

Students must earn a grade of B, or better, in the first-year sequence (the fall Inquiry and spring seminar averaged, overall), and a grade of B, or better, in all subsequent Honors courses in order to receive Honors credit.

Departmental Honors

In order to receive Departmental Honors at graduation, a student must successfully complete the Senior Honors Thesis Project. The thesis project provides the Honors student with the opportunity to design and complete a long-term project in her major department. To be eligible to initiate a Senior Honors Thesis project, a student must meet the following requirements by the start of the fall term of her senior year:

  • Completion of at least three courses, totaling at least nine credits in the major department
  • Completion of all departmental prerequisites, which may include the 470 Advanced Honors course (formerly Junior Honors) in the major, or another research or independent study experience done in preparation for the thesis project
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0

Guidelines for the Class of 2018 Senior Honors Thesis - Departmental Honors Candidates