Honors Journal: Fall 2007


The papers in the Honors Journal reflect the research and writing efforts of undergraduate students at the time the papers were submitted to the journal. Web links within the papers were active at the time of publication, but they are not updated.

This issue of the Honors Journal was edited by Laura Gandy '08 and Alice McLean, Honors Postdoctoral Fellow.

Table of Contents
Honors 2006 Summer Research Papers

A New Category of Metal Centered Anticancer Compounds
By Kendra Hawkins '07

CO2 Reduction Catalysts: The Importance of the Metal Center
By Liz Killiam '08

Behind Closed Doors: Deception vs. Growth
By Ferrell Lyles '07

Nietzsche's Critique of Christian Morality
By Shaheen Moosa '07

Effects of an Auditory Species Typical Cue on the Conditioning of Male & Female Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica)
By Carlina Muglia '07

Reinforcing Value of the Nest in the Ring Neck Dove
By Adlyn Perez '08

Charles Darwin's Value of Change in Thomas Hardy's Novels
By Rachel Reynolds '07

France's Jehanne: The 15th Century Heroine in Truth and Fiction
By Erin Rogers '08

The Tribe of Tiresias: Androgyny in Ancient Athens
By Jacquelyn Wilkins '03

Honors Seminar Research Papers

Circe and Ulysses
By Kathleen Thomas '10