Honors Journal: Fall 2010


The papers in the Honors Journal reflect the research and writing efforts of undergraduate students at the time the papers were submitted to the journal. Web links within the papers were active at the time of publication, but they are not updated.

Table of Contents
Honors 2010 Summer Research Papers

George Washington: The Embodiment of Roman Republican Virtue
Rachel Akers, Class of 2012

Context Matters: Evaluating States WHERE and WHY They Are
Kathryn Alexander, Class of 2011

He Was So Different From Herself: Transformations in the “Beauty and the Beast” Tales
Lauren Babineau, Class of 2012

The Synthesis and Medicinal Study of 3(2H)-Furanone Derivatives
Ashley Brielle Carpenter, Class of 2012

Design of an Articulated Thumb for a Low-Cost Prosthetic Hand
Sarah Lightbody, Class of 2012

The Synthesis of a Natural Product Derivative
Melaina Macone, Class of 2011

Women’s Status in the Middle East
Huma Manati, Class of 2011

Kings, Queens, and the Way of Things:  A Comparative Study of Two Twelfth Century Queens
Mary McCarthy, Class of 2011

Sacrifice:  A Personal Essay on How Place and History Influence Art and Creativity
Jordanne Ryan, Class of 2012

Managing the Menagerie: A Directing Project
Catherine Tooke, Class of 2011